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Horn Peace Institute

The Horn Peace Institute (HPI) is a platform of professionals in Peace Studies, gender rights, security, diplomacy, researchers and communication practitioners, food security who advocate for ending weaponized rape, all bound together by a shared interest in advancing peace and security and human rights in the Horn of Africa.

The Horn Peace Institute will empower and elevate new voices and leaders for human rights, led by women and youth from across the Horn. Using dialogue, negotiation and mediation in advocacy for sustainable peace and security, to advocate for policy change for Women and Youth at all levels of decision making.

Horn Peace Institute

Policy Dialogue

A policy dialogue is a reflective process that involves people from different interest groups who discuss an issue in which they have a mutual interest.

Socio-economic Transformation

Socio-economic transformation is commonly defined as a process in which an increasing proportion of economic output and employment are generated by sectors other than agriculture.

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Our Mission& Vision

Our Mission

To uplift the voices of women and youth in peace process building in the Horn Region. We emphasize local community development, to alleviate new voices and leaders for human rights through research on peace matters to go hand-in-hand with women participation and empowerment in the Horn region.

Where We Came From

The HPI arose due to the increasing realization that conflicts are costly and devastating not only to the generations involved but also to their descendants. Conflicts in the region have failed to be won by force of arms over the years.

The conflicts have been assigned individuals to resolve them. Against this background, the need for an institutional framework for mediation gained currency as the way forward.

HPI aims to increase awareness on the benefits of mediation and increase capacity to negotiate, dialogue, early warning, determine and provide ways of avoiding conflict.

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Meet Our Team

Hornpeace equality
Hornpeace equality

Our Causes

What We Do

The HPI engages in research, training, and documentation and pays particular attention to:


Data Collection

Facilitate collection of credible data about peace, conflict, gender rights ,human rights, food security, climate change and democracy


Risk Forecast

Forecast to increase preparedness rooted in risk knowledge


Conflict Resolution

Facilitate Women and youth-led dialogues for peaceful conflict resolution


Data Repository

Serve as a repository of data on mediation



Support intelligence-led planning


Peace Building & Mediation

Peacebuilding and mediation ensures that the study of conflict focuses not only on violence, its actors, and modalities, but also on the different insights deriving from critical engagement with processes of peace.

Abdul Suleiman

I appreciate the good work you are doing. Shukran.

Hawa Mohamed

After trying a lot of options, i found that Horn Peace had answers to alot of rights issues, and i endeavour to be a part of the team.

Simon Kamau

It has been an exceptional experience working with your team, looking forward to more. Keep it up!!